Business Segments

Explore the unknown

Lovinium Group is a knowledge-centric company on the cutting-edge space of biotechnology, regenerative medicine, and body self-healing potential research, which was founded in 2014 by Dr. Shahnawaz Khan and Mr. Thaiyuan Xu.

After decades of research, regenerative medicine is now changing healthcare paradigms, offering a ray of hope to countless patients. Lovinium Group is a private company that has excelled in bringing innovative stem cell, laser, and shock wave-based therapies to patients from all around the globe.

Human Regenerative Medicine

The Lovinium human regenerative medicine section includes multiple sub-projects such as regenerative medicine hospitals, human stem cells, medical instruments, and beauty and health products. At present, a number of the projects have been started and are developing healthily, and we have invested in more projects that are gradually being developed.

Future Food

Lovinium has invested in the field of future food research for nearly 7 years, and it has successfully developed products from gene-edited food to artificial cell culture meat, accumulating vast research experience and laboratory data. Lovinium will continue to develop and broaden the field of food technology in the future and provide more partners with business space for sustainable development.